The services we provide for distribution include determining all the characteristics of various investment projects of companies or companies and providing professional consultancy.

  • These services;Control of processes in the fields of cycle management and business activities,
  • Consultancy of obligations to public institutions and organizations,
  • Investment Expenditures and Reflection Issues Consultancy
  • Preparation of Tariffs, providing information about the process,
  • Determination of post-privatization activities and their characteristics,
  • Identifying the characteristics of the organized industrial zones and the expectations of the





Market Trade

Market Trade services are mainly based on investors who follow the market closely and
consultancy services for companies.

These services;

  • Turkey to provide professional follow-up of market development,
  • Monitoring and reporting of current and potential market participants,
  • Determination of market availability criteria by analyzing the demand-demand situation,
  • To follow up the bilateral agreement market closely and to present its reports,
  • Characteristics of Pmum (free market) Trade, its effects and determination of its
  • Determination and reporting of liabilities to institutions and organizations is defined as.


The services we provide for production include the consultancy services in all the processes of the planned and construction projects of the institutions or companies.

These services;

  • EÜAŞ (Electricity Generation Inc.) portfolio privatizations,
  • Construction of new projects and all processes,
  • Construction and operation of biogas plants,
  • Construction and operation of wind farms,
  • Construction and operation of solar power plants,
  • Construction and operation of hydroelectric power plants,
  • Construction and operation of geothermal power plants,
  • Construction and operation of natural gas power plants,
  • Determining the characteristics of location selection,
  • Data warehouse process,
  • Pre-evaluation and reporting,
  • Determination of all factors in permitting and licensing processes is determined as.