Ahi Kıca Res

in Turkey's Mersin province, Karaman Mut district Ass village of 10 MW referenced in the region in the province but 100 MWe much the expansion could wind from the beginning to Plant License all the process from receiving the termination organization and process engineering group, our company AHI AFT RES A. COMPANY behalf measurements are completed and capacity auction is waiting.

(The investment cost is about 12 Million Dollars.)

Gazipaşa Maha Res

Turkey's Mediterranean Region Antalya Province continues Gazipaþa meteorological measurements of Gazipaşa Mah Res Metering Station in the town and capacity of 20MW is all technical, administrative, executive and project operations, our company AHI MUT RES ENERGY INC It is maintained by.

Ges Res and Biogas

AHİ MUT RES ENERJİ A.Ş. All renewable projects are licensed or unlicensed by Ges, Res and Biogas projects. All stations are designed for installation, measurement, maintenance, repair, projecting, permitting and obtaining of measurement stations. In summary, technical, administrative and executive projects of all renewable projects are carried out by us.

Energy-Generating Exergy System from Wastewater Treatment Sludge

Because wastewater treatment sludge contains a large amount of water, a large amount of energy is required for the conventional drying process before incineration. The Exergy Steam Dryer is a very advantageous system because it regenerates almost all of the energy used for drying as steam and the additional electricity is obtained from this steam.

“Exerji” Steam Dryer

Steam Dryer is a closed and pressurized system. It consists of vertical columns, 25-45 m high, a superheated steam blowing fan and a cyclone on a 500 m2 area. The material to be dried is subjected to indirectly heated steam in this system. The drying temperature is transferred from the tube surfaces in the heat exchanger to the steam formed in the sludge and to the sludge.

Heating Room

The Combustion Chamber is a highly developed cyclonic furnace. Sufficient blowers were installed along the cavities to create aerodynamic areas. The recovery of the energy generated in the combustion chamber is maximized and the refractory (hence maintenance time) is minimized. For example, in fluid bed boilers, 45 days of operation is interrupted annually for refractor maintenance and renewal. The oven is specially designed to keep gases at least 850 ° C for 2 seconds.

Electrical Production System

The electricity will be produced in two turbines by means of steam. The system consists of the counter pressure turbine (Backpressure Turbine), condensing turbine, condenser, cooling tower, pre-heater, degasser, boiler water feed pump and water treatment unit. High pressure steam consisting of heat from sludge combustion is used to generate electricity in the counter-pressure turbine. The steam generated from the turbine generates the heat source for the steam dryer.