Our References

Some of the local and foreign companies in which our company experts are involved in the distribution and production facilities and privatization projects in MTB Consultancy and other companies are listed below.

These projects; natural gas, imported and domestic lignite and renewable energy (HES, RES, Solar, etc.) plant projects development, licensing, plant and operation activities.

In addition, distribution, privatization, transfer and operating process services are activities.


Due to the Strategy Document 21 Distribution Area of Specialization Administration conducted by the privatization tender in 2010 and 2011. GEDIZ, TIGRIS, MEDITERRANEAN AND AYEDAŞ Turkey Industrial Development Bank of Distribution Area (TSKB) are supplied with consulting services.
In this process, the technical examination, evaluation and reporting of the Distribution Zones were carried out by our Company.


With the management of the transfer process of Osmangazi EDAŞ, the preparation of RAG Tables for the period of 2011-2015, preparation of regional and national tariffs for this period, demand forecasting and investment planning were carried out by our Company.

In addition, the Company provided technical consultancy services for the market trading and structuring of the Dedeli Wholesale Company.


Technical consultancy services were provided for the purchase and project revision of KASIMLAR Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Eastern Turkey / TIGRIS for distribution companies (privatization Cost 300 Million USD),


Turkey's West / GEDIZ for distribution companies (privatization Cost 2 billion USD)

South of Turkey / TOROS for distribution companies (privatization Cost $ 2 billion

ISTANBUL / AYEDAS for the distribution company (2 Billion USD for Privatization Price),