Renewable Energy Project Development

When you want to improve your new products or existing products, to provide quality and cost efficiency, we develop the right projects for you.

Market Trading

Market Trading services mainly cover consultancy services for investors and firms that closely follow the market.


The services we provide for production include the consultancy services in all processes of the planned and construction projects of the institutions or companies.


In the construction sector, we provide services in the fields of architecture, construction, special application projects design, rough construction and earthmoving.

Researching &

By using only existing systems as Ahi Mut
as a result of our R & D activities
we implement the systems we produce in our production.

◎    Energy-Generating Energy System from Wastewater Treatment Sludge
◎    Exergy Steam Dryer
◎    Burning Room
◎    Electricity Production System
◎    Steam Boiler


As Ahi Group, we continue our activities
in various fields, especially in energy and
engineering fields.

Ahi Mut provides consultancy services to
domestic and foreign companies in various
fields such as energy production facilities,
dam construction, domestic lignite and
renewable energy projects.



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